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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The drug can reach the brain

The results of a series of experiments with laboratory rats, conducted by Italian scientists, show that used in botox and other similar medications Botulinum toxin, moving axons of nerve cells, may well reach the brain rights.
According to the, researchers from the Institute of Neurology in Pisa botulism toxin injected into rodents muscles that control movements implants. Three days after injection specialists found decomposing under the action of a toxin protein fragments in the cells of the rat brain stem. However, as the scientists reported, the concentration of poisonous substances, reached the brain, were negligible, and said that they caused damage nerve cells in any way affected the behavior of rodents, not to be.
Another series of experiments involved introducing Botulinum toxin directly to the brain of animals. Results of an autopsy showed that the toxin traces found not only in the area of injection, but in other divisions of the brain, which is very remote.
American Office Products and medicine for the time being, additional security Botulinum toxin rating, which is linked to the increased number of reports on the incidence of side effects.
Agent botulinum toxin produces botulism bacterium Clostridium botulinum. He is one of the strongest poisons that are found in nature. Medicine is using this chemical for more than 20 years. Today, with a membership of botulinum products are used not only in wrinkles removal, but also in preventing spasms and involuntary reductions of various muscle groups.